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The 22e demi-brigade de ligne on campaign in 2018.

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Le horizon.
To conquer foreign lands — to seek out new enemies and new countries — to boldly go where no French soldier has gone before.

Kapellendorf, from 13 to 15 April 2018.

Our first gathering this year. We thoroughly refreshed our knowledge of the drill, gave a new coating to our hats in order to stiffen them, repainted all our leather belts with a mixture of pipe clay and arabic gum, and cleaned and repaired also the other parts of our equipment.

Nos lits. Un rasage. Tout est blanc. Culotte et guêtres. Rôtisseur.
The night was pleasant. Le Fleuri had a shave which attracted the interest of everybody. In the end, having paid a lot of attention
to our leather belts, we just looked brilliant in our culottes and gaiters. Our sergent Rôtisseur was very pleased.



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