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The 22e demi-brigade de ligne on campaign in 2021.

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Fort Bard from 30 July to 1st August 2021.

Le fort.
Fort Bard – it blocks the valley, but not the heights.

Grenadiers Sans-Souci and La Cravate reinforced the garrison of Fort Bard. On Sunday, they were ordered to explore the heights east of the fortress and look for passable footpaths. We climbed up more than a 1000 metres in height. Neither our heavy backpacks, nor the weight of our muskets, nor several heavy rainstorms with thunder and lightning could overcome our habitual good grenadiers' mood. We used the night to have our soaked clothes dry a bit, and the next day to bring our rusty muskets and bayonets back into a decent condition.

Grenadier La Cravate. Albard et le Fort de Bard. Un village déserté. Verale. Grenadier Sans-Souci.
The pathways were steep, and became even steeper. But this helped us to gain height quickly.
From above, we inspected the village Albard, from where the First Consul had inspected the defences of Fort Bard.
We passed several abandoned houses and hamlets, until we arrived in the hamlet Verale, just below the pass
Col-de-la-Cou. Two very hospitable brothers who were living here, regaled us with beer and wine and biscuits.

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