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22ème demi-Brigade d'Infanterie de Ligne - our events in 2017

When ? Where ? What ?
25. March Leipzig (D) annual meeting and party
21 to 23 April Kapellendorf near Jena (D) drill camp
28 April to 1 May Porcia near Pordenone (I) bivouac and skirmishes
5 to 7 May Großgörschen near Leipzig (D) bivouac and skirmishes
9 to 11 June Apolda near Jena (D) quarters and drilling
21 to 23 July Villingen (D) bivouac and garrison duties
11 to 13 August Grand Saint-Bernard (CH/I) crossing the Alps
25 to 27 August La Boissière École near Rambouillet (F) campaign with bivouac and skirmishes
15 to 17 September Göhrde (D) bivouac and battle
20 to 22 October Auerstedt near Jena (D) bivouac and victory over the Prussians
1 to 3 December Austerlitz near Brno (CZ) quarters and battle

home sweet home
March 2003 in the fortress Loevestein: one of our first self-constructed shelters.

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