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22ème demi-Brigade d'Infanterie de Ligne - our events in 2018

When ? Where ? What ?
13 to 15 April Kapellendorf near Jena (D) drill camp
4 to 6 May Großgörschen near Leipzig (D) bivouac and skirmishes
4 to 11 June Malta (M), 220 years conquest of the island quarters, marches and skirmishes
29 June to 1 July Gransee near Berlin (D) bivouac and skirmishes
24 to 26 August Sessenheim (F) bivouac, march and skirmishes
31 August to 2 September Neuf-Brisach (F) bivouac and skirmishes
14 to 16 September Beichlingen near Jena (D) bivouac, march and skirmishes
19 to 21 October Leipzig (D) bivouac and battle
2 to 4 November Zeilitzheim near Schweinfurt (D) officers' school
30 November to 2 December Austerlitz (CZ) quartes and battle

home sweet home
March 2003 in the fortress Loevestein: one of our first self-constructed shelters.

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