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22ème demi-Brigade d'Infanterie de Ligne - our events in 2018

When ? Where ? What ?
13 to 15 April Kapellendorf near Jena (D) drill camp
4 to 6 May Großgörschen near Leipzig (D) bivouac and skirmishes
4 to 11 June Malta (M), 220 years conquest of the island quarters, marches and skirmishes
29 June to 1 July Gransee near Berlin (D) bivouac and skirmishes
24 to 26 August Sessenheim (F) bivouac, march and skirmishes
31 August to 2 September Neuf-Brisach (F) bivouac and skirmishes
14 to 16 September Beichlingen near Jena (D) bivouac, march and skirmishes
19 to 21 October Leipzig (D) bivouac and battle
26 to 28 October Rosnay-l'Hôpital (F) quarters, march and skirmishes
2 to 4 November Zeilitzheim near Schweinfurt (D) officers' school
30 November to 2 December Austerlitz (CZ) quartes and battle

home sweet home
March 2003 in the fortress Loevestein: one of our first self-constructed shelters.

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